Number of Class Hours
per 13 week term
Honored only when
tuition is paid in full
by the specified
due date.
Term Tuition
Due: Sept, Dec, & Mar.
Monthly Tuition
Deducted the 5th or
the 20th of each month
from Sept through May
Monthly Tuition
June only
1 hour N/A $182 $56 $42
1.5 hours N/A $273 $84 $63
2 hours N/A $364 $112 $84
2.5 hours N/A $390 $120 $90
3 hours 19% $446 $137 $105
3.5 hours 20% $511 $157 $118
4 hours 21% $579 $178 $134
4.5 hours 21% $644 $198 $149
5 hours 23% $702 $216 $162
5.5 hours 24% $764 $235 $176
6 hours 24% $826 $254 $191
6.5 hours 25% $887 $273 $205
7 hours 26% $949 $292 $219
7.5 hours 26% $1,011 $311 $233
8 hours 27% $1,066 $328 $246
8.5 hours 27% $1,125 $346 $260
9 hours 28% $1,183 $364 $273
9.5 hours 28% $1,242 $382 $287
10 hours 29% $1,300 $400 $300
10.5 hours 29% $1,359 $418 $314
11+ hours Families taking 11 class hours and more may take additional age and ability appropriate classes at no extra charge


Tuition Payment Policies

Tuition & Discount Information
The discounts listed above are offered to students who pay each term, in full and in advance, or pay monthly through an automatic bank debit which can be set up at the Studio.  All discounts are nullified and the discounted amount will be added back to the tuition balance if tuition is received more than five days after the specified due date.  Placement in a class is only guaranteed when accompanied with tuition payment.  Registration canceled before the start of the term will be eligible for a refund minus a $25.00 cancellation fee.

Registration / Recital Fee
Billings Dance Center charges no registration or recital fee.  Students need to purchase a recital costume for each class.  Recital costumes are ordered in November/December of the dance year.  Costumes need to be paid in full at the time they are ordered, and we are unable to offer any refunds.  As we do not charge a recital fee, the recital is funded entirely through ticket sales.  It is our intent to keep costume and ticket prices as low as possible.

Class Cancellation Policy
Classes that do not meet minimum enrollment requirements will be canceled or combined with another appropriate class.  All efforts will be made to find students a comparable class whenever possible.  If we are unable to do this, a prorated tuition refund will be offered.

Missed Classes
There is no tuition adjustment made for missed lessons, including classes missed or canceled due to inclement weather.  Make-up classes are available for no extra charge.  Classes missed must be made up in the same term; please ask you instructor for more information.  We are unable to offer any tuition refunds after the second lesson of each term.  If it becomes necessary for a student to drop a class, a tuition credit will be issued for the remaining tuition amount.  Tuition credits are for dance tuition only and may not be used for recital costumes or retail merchandise and will be honored for one year from the date of issue.

Late Fees
A late fee of $10.00 will be added to tuition balances when tuition payments are received more than 5 days after the specified due date.  An additional $10.00 will be added to each monthly statement issued until the account is current.  All accounts past due more than 30 days will be subject to a 1.5% finance charge in addition to any applicable late fees.

Returned Checks
All returned checks will be charged a $25.00 NSF check fee.

We accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card Payments.